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Saturday June 16th 2018!! NEW START LOCATION! 11984 County Rd 1 Florissant CO 80816! Just off the same route as in the past but no more crossing highway 24! We will have free massages, lunch and t-shirt or savings option. This years event will have a 100 mile century, 50 mile half century and the  [ Read More ]

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Board of Directors

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Thank you Lee and Sharon Burton, James Bittel and Deborah Maresca for signing up to be on the 2018 board of directors. Keith Mercantel has agreed to be on the advisory board. If you would like to sign up for one of these board positions please let me know. Board Meeting May 5th Fiesta Mexicana  [ Read More ]

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Club Ride with Mark Czelusta

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Watch the website for posts of rides being lead by Mark. (I will be contacting members to add to a rider notification email list. Let Deborah know if you would like to be added to the list.) Mark is a road cyclists but welcomes Mountain bikers to ride along.

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Starting at the Ute Pass Cultural Center at 10 AM. Join Mountain Top Cycling Club for a brief tribute to cyclists that have been injured or kill while riding their bikes. A guest speaker will give comment and then a short 4 mile silent ride will be guided through Woodland Park. Starting and ending at  [ Read More ]

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Cycling Watches

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Seven Superb Smart Watches for Cyclists There are many pieces of equipment a cyclist appreciates as a must, and one essential piece of kit is, believe it or not, a watch. However, not just any old watch will do and developers and designers have provided a fine selection of smart watches eager to publish our  [ Read More ]

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We have been asked to adopt the area in front of Team Telecycle with the Pro Challenge Sculpture. The City of Woodland Park is going to landscape it and update the area. Plans have been made to update the highway in 2017 so until they decide or redo the road w e are on hold  [ Read More ]

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Diverge App for Mountain bikers

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We just launched an awesome app for cycling, mountain biking and other outdoor activities called Diverge that I thought you would enjoy. (Click Here) Click Here Diverge is an interactive trail map and activity tracker for outdoor enthusiasts. With Diverge, you can record your activities, see your progress on the trail map and compete  [ Read More ]

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Mountain Biking Tips to Gain More Confidence on the Trails

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New to Mountain Biking? Essential Tips to Gain More Confidence   2108 701 2 98 “It’s just like a riding a bike” may not apply when venturing onto the trails. Mountain biking requires a certain body of knowledge to ensure off-road adventures are both safe and fun. From knobby tires and seat position to braking  [ Read More ]

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Discount for MTCC Members

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Morr is sending two pair to give away in support of Mountain Top Cycling Club. There’s now a 48% off coupon that you can begin circulating immediately, post it on your site, emails to members, social channels, etc. MTCC48 for We’re also affiliated with another site for biking gear. I’ve set it up so  [ Read More ]

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Aspen Valley Ranch is on private land, If you want to ride the trail, Call to see if it is open, 719-425-0106, otherwise if the gate is closed it is not open. Go to the Welcome Center and sign in. There is a waiver form and you can take a green wrist band. If you  [ Read More ]

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