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Woodland Park, CO

First Race of the season August 26th, If anyone is available to volunteer, tell them you are with the Teller County Composite team and they will get credit (pat on the back) for supplying volunteers that weekend. RACE #1 FRISCO BAY INVITATIONAL, FRISCO
SOUTH: Sunday, August 26
The Frisco Bay Invitational is hosted by the Town of Frisco and is located at the Town of Frisco Adventure Park and Nordic Center, approximately 2 miles from downtown Frisco, north of Highway 9. The venue can be accessed via bike path from Breckenridge, Dillon, and Frisco. Vehicle access will be via the east entrance only at the stoplight intersection of Highway 9 and Recreation Way.

621 Recreation Way
Frisco, CO 80443
(970) 668-2558
Socks, Socks, Socks…It’s the Season Opener and what better way to celebrate than by showing off your “Sock Game”! The time has come to break out your loudest, craziest, most unique socks to show off on Saturday & Sunday. Winners will receive an incredible swag package!

Sunday, Aug 26 South

7:00 AM
Course Open for Pre-ride
7:00 – 11:30 AM
Coaches Pick Up Team Race Plates/Timing Chips
7:45 AM
Coach Meeting
8:00 AM
Course Closed for Pre-ride, All Teams & Vendors in Pit Zone
8:15 AM
National Anthem
8:20 AM
Wave 1 Staging
8:30 AM
Wave 1 Start
10:15 AM
Wave 2 Staging
10:25 AM
Wave 2 Start
11:35 AM
Wave 3 Staging
11:45 AM
Wave 3 Start
1:20 PM
Wave 4 Staging
1:30 PM
Wave 4 Start
2:45 PM
Wave 5 Staging
2:55 PM
Wave 5 Start
4:15 PM
Race Finish & Clean Up
4:30 PM
South Race Awards Ceremony

In 2013 Mountain Top Cycling Club wanted to help bring the NICA Colorado High School Mountain Bike League to Woodland Park after attending the Colorado Bike Summit and listening to Kate Rue’s presentation. The Woodland Park High School Team, RE-2, at that time said they did not want any help and when I asked about Cripple Creek / Victor RE-1, they said not to bother with them because they are not worthy. So I set up an appointment with Gary Horton who was to be the coach, to go speak with the School advisers and found they had a 31% homeless rate and 65% generational poverty.

In 2014 MTCC deviated $2,117.20 in funds to start a team with Cripple Creek and Victor High School.
In 2015 MTCC deviated $2,659.04 to the Cripple Creek & Victor teams, Eric Murray was the new coach
In 2016 MTCC deviated $4,925.11 New coach Evan Johnson. Tim Kranz and Ion Elliot new coaches
In 2017 MTCC deviated $839.36 before The account was handed over to Dorothy Cothran as the new administrator. The club bought arm warmers for the 2017 team members which we presented at the year end club party, which we included the team.

In 2018 Mountain Top Cycling Club was able to send Nathan to camp, bought a team bike and supplies to send one of the high school students to camp. The bike will stay with Mountain Top Cycling Club as will the other 5 team bikes.

In 2018 MTCC hosted Bike the Night which raised $250.00 for the team. The next day Dorothy closed out the account with Mountain Top Cycling Club. At the event or when we picked up the supplies, Dorothy never mentioned who her new assistant coaches were or introduced me to them. She emailed me this letter the next day!

Here is her letter:
Hello, everyone! We hope you all have been having a wonderful summer. We wanted to take the time to send our sincerest gratitude for Mountain Top Cycling Club’s assistance with the high school mountain bike team thus far. We are about to start another mountain bike racing season and so far we have four riders! We anticipate picking up a few more before the season begins. Unfortunately, we lost our Cripple Creek riders and coach, Tim Kranz, and will be a Woodland Park High School Team moving forward.
We wouldn’t have been able to make this happen without the support from Mountain Top Cycling Club. The club’s sponsorship has enabled us to get our feet underneath us and move toward creating a viable team. As we prepare for this upcoming season our coaches have already invested time and effort into attending CPR/first aid clinics, completing National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) Level 1 and 2 coach licensure, developing sponsorships, and planning. Additionally, our coaching staff is working to integrate the Team into the Woodland Park High School Athletic Program. We anticipate the new superintendent and interim principal being receptive to this amazing opportunity for the school and community.

We have developed a relationship over the years with the middle school club team as well as the new group of elementary school riders at Columbine. The mountain biking community is growing, and we are excited to be able to provide student-athletes with another athletic opportunity, especially for those who want to continue riding after middle school. We have eager riders who can’t wait to get out on the trails this fall. We also have a wonderful group of coaches and parent volunteers.

Moving forward, all matters regarding the mountain bike team will be managed by the coaching staff. The team now has its own bank account and the team funds have been transferred over. The team will be under the umbrella of the Colorado High School Cycling League and hopefully the high school. You may close the account under MTCC at your convenience.

We will be sending out monthly updates during the season to all of our sponsors, and we welcome you to join us at any of our races. Please check the Colorado League’s website for South Conference dates and locations. http://coloradomtb. org/events/#races

We will send out new sponsorship agreements next year and are excited to have your continued support as a local sponsor. We very much appreciate the funding from Bike the Night. What a fun event! Again, thank you so much for the club’s generosity. We couldn’t have done it without your support!

Happy Trails,

Dorothy Cothran
Team Manager/Head Coach

Ian Elliott
Assistant Coach

Mike Symes
Assistant Coach

Travis Newsome
Assistant Coach

When asked about Cripple Creek and Victor students and the Woodland Park students that were on the Highlander team. This was her reply:
Ethan and Hannah will continue racing for the Highlanders because their parents are coaches.

Anyone who is homeschooled is welcome to join us. Unfortunately, we are unable to support Cripple Creek/Victor high school and will no longer be a composite team after this year. And it’s likely not feasible for students to make it from Cripple Creek to Woodland Park for practices this year.

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    No I’m sorry Peter, I have been away from Texas for three years now. I was a road bike rider then but if you contact NICA. They should have someone that can help you. (National Interscholastic Cycling Association).