Mountain Top Cycling Club

Woodland Park, CO

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Mountain Top Cycling Club will be starting it's 9th year in 2019, we will host our 8th Century Experience Ride. I, Deborah Maresca, as Executive Director would like to find out what things the club feels are important for 2019. For 8 years we have hosted events, raised funds and ...


Club Rides

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I, Deborah joined the Colorado Springs Cycling Club to get in some riding. I suggest that if you want to ride on weekends join the Colorado Springs cycling club, they have over 1,000 members and do riders all week as well. However, I did not enjoy the urban riding. Riding ...


The first race in Frisco Nathan had two flat tires. Zachary did well for his first race. From the team. Greetings, wonderful sponsors! We wanted a minute to give you a little update on how our season has been going so far. We had an awesome season kickoff weekend where we joined ...


Thank you Quaker Ridge for hosting our Mountain bike event. Everyone complimented the venue and the smell of the trees after a rain was incredible. Noah did a great job officiating the event and we are looking forward to 2019.


We have been asked to adopt the area in front of Team Telecycle with the Pro Challenge Sculpture. The City of Woodland Park is going to landscape it and update the area. Plans have been made to update the highway in 2018 so until they decide or redo the road ...


The Mountain Top Cycling Club wishes you a healthy and happy holiday season! No club meeting but watch for details for our Kick off party!! We hope Santa is good to you and brings you all the cycling equipment and accessories you wanted. If you feel the need to exercise ...


I would like to do a clean up but will see if we have any members that would like to help at the club meeting Aug. 7th.


Cycling Weather Tips for Colorado

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If you live in Colorado and enjoy cycling, you are aware of how the weather changes. You know you need to be ready for anything that comes your way when you are cycling. As a Colorado cyclist, you need to familiarize yourself with the different tips and techniques for safe ...


Mountain Biking Tips to Gain More Confidence on the Trails

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New to Mountain Biking? Essential Tips to Gain More Confidence   2108 701 2 98 “It’s just like a riding a bike” may not apply when venturing onto the trails. Mountain biking requires a certain body of knowledge to ensure off-road adventures are both safe and fun. From knobby tires and seat ...


Cycling Watches

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Seven Superb Smart Watches for Cyclists There are many pieces of equipment a cyclist appreciates as a must, and one essential piece of kit is, believe it or not, a watch. However, not just any old watch will do and developers and designers have provided a fine selection of smart watches ...